What to Expect from Natural Breast Enlargement Methods

Woman applying breast creamIf you have come across this article you are most likely looking for a practical and safe way to increase your breast size, you are hoping there is a way to make them bigger without surgery.

You have read a few reviews on certain products and for obvious marketing purposes those websites are designed and written to sell, there are many small breasted women that will go to any length to make their bosom bigger.

We are going to skip all the BS on why you want bigger breasts, the bottom line is you do, and there are ways this can be achieved, but in this article I will try to give you straight up scoop on natural breast enlargement and if it works, how it works and what you can “realistically” expect.

Breast Creams

Breast cream websites can be very confusing, claiming how you can increase your bust size in just a few weeks, they pray on women with low self-esteem and those who are self-conscious of their breast size, the reality is, breast creams do work to an extent but they won’t work the same for every woman.

Here is why

When adolescent girls are going through puberty, hormones are running at 100%, for the most part, genetics and hormonal levels are what contribute to breast size.

In some cases there are young women who did not develop their breasts to the fullest potential, this could have been caused by low estrogen levels at certain times of their development “puberty”.

Women who did not develop their breasts to the fullest potential when they were younger still have a chance of doing so, the reason being is that breast creams contain herbal ingredients that contain estrogenic properties that make breasts bigger.

Most creams and supplements contain ingredients such as Pueraria Mirifica, Black Cohosh and Mexican Wild Yam, all of these herbs contain what are called phytoestrogens which mimic estrogen in the female body.

When a cream is applied directly to the breast it transforms the breasts in a couple of ways, one it stimulates estrogen levels which actually increases swelling of the underlying milk ducts, making the breasts bigger.

This also tends to occur during menstrual cycles, so it is very natural. The second thing that happens is that phytoestrogens, when directly massaged in to the breast promote more blood flow, stimulating new tissue growth.

What not to buy

Most breast creams will require a daily dose for ata minimum of 3 months, meaning you will want to buy a product that is safe for everyday use and if possible you should try to avoid products that contain parabens.

There have been many clinical studies that products that contain parabens have been linked to cancer, there are several paraben free products that are safe for every day use.

What kind of increase to expect and will it last

Increasing your bust size with a a cream or supplement is possible, in most cases women can expect between one and two cup sizes larger, once again a lot depends on how you body reacts to herbs.

Some women will see very good results, while others will experience nothing more than some slight lifting and firming but nothing more.

If you are very in tune with your body you should have an idea on how you might react, if you are a woman with drastic body changes before your period such as tenderness and swelling in the breasts this might be a sign of how well your body could react to phytoestrogens.

If you do achieve a considerable increase in bust size you should maintain anywhere between 80% to 90% of your gains.

If you wanted to maintain what you gained, you should expect to continue with a maintenance dose of the cream using it a minimum of two or three times a week versus the original daily application.

Breast creams are not cheap

To justify using a breast cream many companies emphasize on how much cheaper breast creams are when compared to surgery, well yes it is much cheaper.

The average breast enlargement procedure can run on average $5000.00 while a breast cream will run anywhere between $100.00 and $400.00 for a 3 to 6 month supply.

Who should consider natural breast enlargement

Anyone looking for a “slight increase in bust size” if you have realistic expectations, you will be happy with the results. , not only will you achieve larger breasts, most women will benefit from fuller and more lifted breasts.

Hi my name is Ellen

I have struggled a long time with small breasts and wanted to do something about it. While many of my friends have had breast enlargement surgery I decided to do things the natural way.

I have learned alot and for me it has been a fund journey. While my breasts are not huge they are much bigger. I wanted to share with other women the different products I used to make my breasts bigger.